EZ Magic Video Review

EZ Magic Video Review

In my EZ Magic Review allow me to talk about something I really like to create (Videos)

EZ Magic Video is a cloud-based video creating system in which you have the freedom to make cutting-edge spokesperson videos. With EZ Magic Video, you can have actual live spokespeople talking about your product, niche, or any kind of topic on your demand.

Specifically, you can build and fully customize your scripts, characters, and duration. EZ Magic Video has made it possible to even a newbie to make his own professional looking videos.

EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

It’s fair to say that EZ Magic Video is going to change the way marketers utilize videos in their campaigns.

And what my EZ Magic Video Review appreciates the most about EZ Magic Video is that it’s very versatile. Use it in any niche you want and the performance is always the same.

With EZ Magic Video you are officially have your own production company, EZ Magic Video gives you an easy solution for Video production offering you actors, actresses, Soundtracks, Backgrounds, your own scripts and still yet to expect.

EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

EZ Magic Video Review – What Are the Great Features?

Top-notch human spokesperson marketing EZ Magic Video is a software developed by a marketer for the marketers. It thus brings all the features in need to make comprehensive spokesperson marketing videos. This software features a variety of spokespeople, with which you are free to choose the character you like.

Full script customization EZ Magic Video allows you to select from thousands of clip templates. And besides the ability to opt for the character you like, you can also edit the scripts. In other words, you can make the scripts go in any way you want. 

EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

High quality synchronization as you have the full control on the spokespeople, you can decide what they will say. And what really makes EZ Magic Video worth its weight in gold is that the spokespeople will say exactly what you scripted. It’s “line-by-line”.

HD video quality All the videos produced by EZ Magic Video have the High Definition quality. This means that you can use them instantly for any of your campaigns. They are all ready to sell, and the price is up to you to decide.

Cloud-based and newbie-friendly platform as my EZ Magic Video Review already mentioned, EZ Magic Video does not require any learning curve. I don’t think you will ever need any money to hire the casts and designers for your videos.

Also, there will be no hard time trying to learning something new. Every feature inside EZ Magic Video is highly understandable and intuitive.

EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

EZ Magic Video built by marketer for marketers it’s really powerful, can you imagine how much you are going to save with EZ Magic Video? Simply you will never go to fiverr or elsewhere ever again to look for copywriter or video making gigs, EZ Magic Video will make you save money and time.

EZ Magic Video will make you create your own marketing videos exactly the way you imagined them to be, as a video making lover I am telling you that EZ Magic Video will give your creativity side a big push.

Imagining that I have my own Professional spokespersons on demand, Building my own video scripts line by line and have a customized, professional looking spokesperson video was a dream came true with EZ Magic Video.

Before I study engineering I always had a dream to be a movie director 🙂  With EZ Magic Video endless options having actors and actresses, thousands of backgrounds, thousands of soundtracks, select where to place the actor in the screen, write the script on the screen while talking, for me it is a big motivation to wake the director up inside me.

First, I want to make it clear that EZ Magic Video can work with any niche. Marketers with different backgrounds, marketing goals and field should then have no worry.

EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

Second, EZ Magic Video is a perfect choice for newbies and even those with no experience in video marketing. It is a point-and-click software for fast yet stunning video creation.

Last but very not least, if you already have some experiences in video marketing, EZ Magic Video is still worth considering. It gives you the full autonomy

EZ Magic Video is giving you the full power of the age of video we live in now, let us make some calculations we will find that:

  • 78% of People online are watching videos every week
  • 55% of people watch videos online every day
  • Viewers are 90% more likely to buy a product or use a service after viewing a video
  • Just one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words.

EZ Magic Video will make you talk directly to your audience through professional actors and actresses which is incredibly effective, how much would this cost you before EZ Magic Video!

As a video making lover I am familiar with many advanced video making and editing software, my wife and I were so excited to create our first video with EZ Magic Video and the happy surprise is that it was really easy like one, two, three and four

  • EZ Magic Video – Select your spokesperson
EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review
  • EZ Magic Video – Build your script
EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review
  • EZ Magic Video – Choose your options (background and soundtrack)
EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review
  • EZ Magic Video – Render
EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

Another happy surprise showed up when we added our own background to make it look like the video was filmed on location! EZ Magic Video allows you to add your own backgrounds and soundtracks.

EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

EZ Magic Video gives you incredible control over what your spokespersons will say and you can add intro and outro to your video, With Dozens of options on how to begin your video

  • Affiliate marketing
  • General marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Creating and selling products
  • Filler segments
  • Even niche topics like Cryptocurrency
EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

EZ Magic Video comes with 100’s of clips on local marketing

In my opinion, EZ Magic Video is a super simple video tool to use, you don’t need any technical skills. There is some training videos inside member area for you but you know I even don’t need to watch them, I can make a video easily.

EZ Magic Video comes with two fast action bonuses


EZ Magic Video will help you to make 10x Your Money Back With Just One Sale.

What people are saying about EZ Magic Video

EZ Magic Video Review
EZ Magic Video Review

It’s now time to say farewell to working and compromising with difficult spokespersons and video designers. Depending on your niche and goal, you can use EZ Magic Video in your way.

EZ Magic Video is a video creation software for everyone. At the front-end price of only $27, it’s a good bargain. Todd Gross and his team have just developed a truly valuable product with great affordability.

Beside, EZ Magic Video has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

Front-End (EZ Magic Video – $27-$37) 

 OTO 1 (EZ Magic Video Deluxe – $47) 2,000 additional video clips + Backgrounds + More Music

OTO 2 (EZ Magic Video Agency – $67) Pre-Built Agency Website + 1000 more clips to use

OTO 3 (EZ Magic Video Local – $67) 2000 additional clips specifically for marketing to local businesses

OTO 4 (EZ Magic Video Club – $19.95 Monthly) Get new monthly clips based on member suggestions, trending niches, hot topics, and more.

Inside EZ Magic Video, it’s not only the features that will attract you. The video quality will also make you feel every single penny is well spent. Especially when spokesperson marketing video has now been a trend, having EZ Magic Video under your belt will help you a lot to monetize your videos.

I really hope that my EZ Magic Video Review equipped you with what you need to know about EZ Magic Video.


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