GDPR-Suite Review

GDPR-Suite Review

Check out my GDPR-SUITE Review to see how you can protect your online business and be a GDPR compliant (General Data Protection Regulation)

In my GDPR-Suite Review I will be going over this new product by Chika Emmanuel. GDPR-Suite is a WordPress plugin that makes it really easy for anyone who run his online business to become GDPR compliant and access to people in EU member countries safely within few minutes.

GDPR-Suite Review
GDPR-Suite Review


GDPR-Suite plugin makes you compliant to the 7 regulations (Cookie Consent, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Right to Forgot, Data Portability, Data Breach and Data Rectification)

  After installing GDPR-Suite plugin, a menu with the 7 GDPR regulations will be shown at the top of the plugin page, easily select one by one and with some check boxes everything will be done.

GDPR-Suite Review
GDPR-Suite Review

For example: Cookie Consent, Easily notify your website visitors that you use cookies with 5 popup source choices with a preview screen to see what you are setting up giving the choice of where to display your notification. Besides you can customize the popups with cool tools like popup color, font, font size, popup content and the position of the popup.

What I really liked that GDPR-Suite will show you how to setup the 7 regulations in a matter of few clicks with some checkboxes as simple as that.

GDPR-Suite Review
GDPR-Suite Review

Based on the fact of having a successful online business is based on getting traffic and trying tons of methods to do so, GDPR-Suite showed up to give us the chance to keep our EU traffic we already made and to keep growing safely.

We have to admit that EU market is a huge market you don’t want to loose and the idea of losing such market is really a big lose, growing your online business is between your hands now just few clicks away.

GDPR-Suite Review
GDPR-Suite Review

If you do a little thinking you really could use GDPR-Suite to protect your online business and keep your traffic you gained from EU member countries, better than looking for other alternatives will cost you a lot of money later on.

My final GDPR-Suite Review is that this is an easy and friendly plugin will help you to keep your online business safe and growing.



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